Here at Powder Coating Solutions we produce high quality results for all of your powder coating needs. Our friendly, knowledgable staff will work with you to achieve the effects you desire with a choice of 6,000 colors and textures to choose from. We offer a range of different powders that can be used for indoor, outdoor, or both.

Powder coating is a more attractive, durable and economical choice compared to other processes. It electostatically bonds to the surface which prevents the object from rusting, chipping, streaking, fading and even protects against chemical corrosion. It is also environmentally friendly.

We only use the best Epoxys, Polyesters, Hybrids, and Urethanes for the job. The FDA has also approved some colors for use around food surfaces!

6000 series Epoxy/Polyester Hybrid
This series can meet many decorative needs. We recommend this series to only be used for indoor applications such as tools or exercise equipment due to fading when exposed to sunlight.

7000 series Epoxy
This system too is best suited for indoor applications. The major advantage over the 6000 series is this series can be formulated to resist chemical corrosion! Its great for the automotive underbody

8000 series Urethane
This series can meet many decorative requirements. This series can withstand outdoor elements while keeping color, gloss, and smoothness. It is also safe to use on indoor items as well like lighting fixtures. Great for indoor and outdoor furniture.

9000 series TGIC Polyester
This series can be used for practically anything. It retains gloss and color, it is chemically resistant, and it protects items from outdoor elements. It's great for machinery or playground equipment.

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