Powder Coating is the Solution!

Have you ever wondered when you bought an appliance or a piece of lawn furniture how the manufacturer painted it with no streaks, drips or brush marks? You thought theanufacturer must have spray painted it. Well, you could be right, but it probably wasn't spray painted; it was probably powder coated. Powder coating is the fastest growing finishing technology in the United States, representing about 10% of all industrial finishing.

Powder coating has been around for more than 30 years. It was first introduced in Queensland, Australia, around 1967. It is a formulation of finely ground plastic powder. A thin layer of powder is sprayed onto a clean metal surface with a special electrostatic spray gun, at 30,000 to 90,000 volts. The painted items are then placed in an oven and baked at varying temperatures, depending on the density of the material being coated. The oven melts the powder to a gel state and then it hardens into a very tough plastic coating. The coating has no porosity, making the surface a very hard and continuous coating.

Powder coating has many unique characteristics. It is a tough and chip resistant finish with even thickness over all. Ther are no drip marks, softened edges, and it resists corrosion. Powder coating also resistes UV rays, which makes for a long lasting gloss. The FDA has also approved some colors for use around food surfaces.

Because powder coating does not require any solvents, there are no toxic chemicals released into the air. Because there are no EPA regulations, there are no added expenses to this process. So for about the same cost of professionally applied paint, Powder coating offers superior finishes and durability. It reduces the maintenance cost of refinishing and repainting and extends the life of parts exposed to moisture, sun and chemicals.

We specialize in, but are not limited to, restorations of railings, car and truck frames (we average three car frames a week), motocycle parts and industrial powder coating. You can also bring us your rusty old metal lawn furniture, tables, chairs, bicycles, wheels and countless other items, and we will restore them to a like-new finish. There are more than 6,000 colors and textures to choose from that can hide imperfections of the surface being painted.

We deal with the supplier of Harley Davidson paints and are able to create some awesome finishes for your bike parts!

The process is quite simple. A hose with a pump attached to a gun moves the powder into the applicating gun. There is an electrode at the tip of the gun that charges the powder particles which then spray out and adhere to a surface leaving a flawless finish!